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District Manager Job Opening and Job Description
Now Exepting Cal-Recyle Cycle 68 Application 

Do you have illegal dumping on your farm and ranch land? If so we accepting applications that will help pay for the clean-up, installing gates and signs to help prevent it from happening again.

Please email if you are interested


Call Kelli Evans at 530-682-4784



Contact the Sutter County RCD to have your local agricultural or natural resource related events here!

2019 SCRCD Speak-off Competition Winners 

More agricultural and natural resource related events can be seen on the message board in our office. Stop by and see us!

SCRCD is your partner in local conservation and agriculture

From left to right Speak-off Judge Roger Christianson and Pam Clifton, Speak-off winners Aldo Alvardo, Christi Travis, and Isabella Fredericks, Speak-of time keeper and orginizer Kelli Evans

1st place Isabella Fredericks of Live Oak High School 
2nd place Christi Travis of Live Oak High School
3rd place Aldo Alvardo of Live Oak High School
Sutter County Resource Conservation District is hiring! Please click on the link below for more information on the Job opening and how to apply.


"Why do we need to act to save the monarch butterfly? What can RCDs do to help?"

SCRCD currently has 2 director positions open if you are interested
please call
Kelli Evans at 530-682-4784

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