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Jackie Filter, District Manager

Stephanie Bateman, Administrative Assistant

Randi Theil, Technician



Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition

SCRCD works as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition.  The Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition is one of thirteen sub-watersheds within the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition.  Joining the Coalition is one option producers of irrigated agriculture have for complying with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.  The program is a state regulation of "waste discharges from irrigated lands that could affect ground and/or surface waters of the state.  The discharges result from runoff or leaching of irrigation water and/or stormwater from irrigated lands.  Discharges can reach waters of the state directly or indirectly."

Who We Are


Natural Resources Conservation Service Assistance
Through a contribution agreement, SCRCD provides irrigation water mangement, air quality, and general contract assistance to agricultural producers in Yuba and Sutter Counties.  SCRCD assists these producers comply with the standards and specifications of their NRCS contracts. SCRCD is also working with NRCS to promote the benefits of good soil health and encourage producers to implement such practices.


Fee for Service Program - SCRCD provides the following services at a competetive billing rate to municipalities, nonprofits, and other interested parties:

     - Grant Research, Development, and Writing Services

     - Project Administration

     - Natural Resources Technical Assistance and Information

     - Outreach and Education Services

     - Tractor/Seeder Combo

Our Mission

                Provide non-regulatory leadership for the protection, restoration, and/or development of land, water, and related natural resources of Sutter County.

Board of Directors

Mike Barosso, Chair

Pam Clifton, Vice-Chair

Lynette Filter, Director

Kellie Evans, Director

Reece Cordi, Director

Sutter County Resource Conservation District is a special district formed under Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code. We work closely with farmers, ranchers, partners, and the community to get conservation on the ground in the Yuba-Sutter area. We are governed by a 5 member board of local landowners who understand the agricultural and environmental concerns facing the Yuba-Sutter area. Our staff is all involved in the agricultural world and cares deeply for the community they live and work in. Therefore, thew work we do is important! We do on the ground projects, educational programs, provide techincal workshops,  coordinate workgroups, and much more! Stay tuned for a list of past projects and programs that give a broad idea of what the SCRCD has done.

To learn more about what RCDs around California do and what we are capable of, go to our Resources page and check out California Association of Resource Conservation Districts brochures. You can also contact us any time!

What We Do

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